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The Nash is a vehicle that was ahead of it's time. Only produced between 1954 and 1962, the Metropolitan was designed in the U.S. but manufactured in England. Cooperative 'out-sourcing' between countries that still work together.

The Met weighs in at a fairly hefty 1803 lbs, yet it's 54 horse motor(1500cc) moves this little car right along and it gets on an average: 43 miles per gallon. At today's gas prices, that's a nice perk

Designed specifically for the 'young sophisticate' of the later part of the fifties and early sixties, the Met can easily accommodate a tall driver and has a surprisingly roomy trunk. Over-all a great little car for around town or to buzz back and forth to work in.

No threat to the muscle cars, nor competitive to the elegant beauties of an earlier motoring time, the Met has found a nice little niche in being the "Cute Little Car" that brings back happy memories and still makes people SMILE

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